Foreign Student Admission

Program Class Autobiography Interview Exam Chinese language requirements TOEFL score GRE General Test GRE Subject Test GMAT score Master's Thesis
Spring Fall Listening Speaking Reading Writing  None


Other documents as required by individual departments:
Submit a copy of other materials that may facilitate the review of the application (e.g. relevant publications, research proposals, awards, certificates, licenses, résumé, etc.).

The department is mainly taking document review; however, will hold an interview if needed. Applicants who are unable to attend the interview may arrange a telephone interview or an online video conferencing interview.

Department characteristics:
Combining the theory and practice of educational policy and administration, we cultivate educational management and leadership talents with administrative professional accomplishment, innovation ability and superior administrative ability. Bachelor students go to domestic or overseas educational administrative institutions in the third grade for internships to enhance their global vision and practical skills in administration. In addition, we hold academic seminars annually to strengthen the academic literacy of master's and doctoral students.


More Information:
Foreign Student Admission: Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs
2023 Foreign Student Admission Brochure