Our Features

  1. Established Educational Administration Internship and Visit Activities
  2. Editor-in-Chief of Educational Policy Forum ( Journal Indexed by TSSCI )
  3. Established Center for Educational Leadership Development

Educational Objectives and Core Competencies of Undergraduate,Graduates and Ph.D Students

‧Educational Objectives

  1. Cultivate outstanding educational leadership and academic research talent
  2. Broaden international perspective of students and enrich student’s competitiveness.
  3. Establish base of career outcomes and further research for students.
  4. Integrate development and research to promote educational academy.

‧Student Core Competencies


  1. Foreign Languages Communication Ability
  2. Interpersonal Skill Ability
  3. Lifelong Learning Ability
  4. Leadership Ability
  5. Information Integration and Analysis Ability


  1. Educational Academic Research Ability
  2. Journals and Thesis Composing Ability
  3. Leadership and Practice Ability
  4. Lifelong Learning Ability
  5. Work Ethic and Practice Ability

Academic events

    The department holds termly lectures each semester and focused on four themes: practice and theory of secondary and elementary schools management, research method of educational policy and administration, educational policy and administration theory development trends, career and academic outcomes counseling. The department also holds termly “Graduate Students’ Conference” each year, provides opportunities for Ph.D students and graduate students from various universities and departments to deliver presentations on their thesis, share and communicate their research results. Also, we cooperate with departments from others schools and professional academic group of educational policy and administration, or accepted commissions from government to hold large-scale conference of educational policy and and administration issues. So far the department have held conferences of aboriginal education, knowledge management, teachers’ professional certification and development, school administration, educational administration, higher education development, etc; at least 2 conferences each year.

Prospects for the Graduates

    Graduates may freely attend development program of secondary schools teacher without attending the assessment of Center for Teacher education.

graduate outcomes:

    Majorities of graduates students chose to study abroad, study Ph.D programs in various universities and colleges in Taiwan, attend Civil Service 1st-Level Senior Examination, teach in secondary or elementary schools. So far, many graduates students have became civil servant or returned to Taiwan after earning their degrees over sea. On the other hand, most of undergraduates students chose to study Graduate programs in various universities and colleges in Taiwan, attend Civil Service 1st-Level Senior Examination, teach in secondary or elementary school.

Development Orientation

  1. Integrate theory and practice of educational policy and administration, promote systematic academic research development and develop into center of academic research.
  2. Keep abreast of states of affairs of academic research and practice of educational policy and administration domestic and international to integrate educational leadership and management research resources, develop into center of educational administration resources.
  3. Research theories and techniques of educational leadership development, to establish educational leadership development mechanisms, develop into center of educational leadership development.