Affiliate Centers & Facilities

    So far there are two affiliate centers, “Poll Center” and “Center for Educational Leadership”.

Poll Center was established in 2002, equipped with 12-line phones. In the December from 1997 to 2005, poll center conducted annual national polls for educational policy and published results on Educational Policy Forum (Indexed by TSSCI), full text can be downloaded online. In addition, Poll Center accepted commissions and conducted poll for central educational policy for once and polls for county elected representatives for four times so far. For more information, please see: http://www.epa.ncnu.edu.tw

Center for Educational Leadership was established and conducted to professionally and systematically foster professional talent in the field of educational policy such as principles or director of secondary and elementary schools. The center is also conducting the fourth Ph.D continuing education credit course, “educational leadership incubation program of the central region secondary and elementary schools principals and directors”, of which course’s quality was approved by all four counties in central region of Taiwan. For more information, please see: http://www.docs.ncnu.edu.tw/leaderclass/


    Currently we are planning to set up “secondary and elementary schools’ internal management data base” to store relevant information of internal management and evaluation of secondary and elementary schools as academic research or teaching resources.

    In addition, in order to facilitate graduate students’ research program, “Student Study Room” was built and equipped with 30 desks and 30 cabinets to hold bibliographies. “Library” was built to hold education-related departmental thesis, essential academic & professional books of educational policy; also offer space for undergraduate students of self-studying or meeting. 


Educational Policy Forum

    The currently existing academic journal “Educational Policy Forum” published by the department of Educational Policy and Administration is the only published academic journal in the field of educational policy and administration research thesis in Taiwan. Educational Policy Forum conducted to publish innovative academic thesis and was indexed by Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) since 2005. Educational Policy Forum is an quarterly journal, so far 9 volumes (20 issues) are published, 6 to 8 articles for each issues and rejection rated has reached 70 to 75 percent. For more information, please see: http://www.docs.ncnu.edu.tw/epf/ 

    The department is currently committed to enhance library resources and had won subsidy program of Ministry of Education, conducive to acquire educational leadership-related books and facilities. We aimed to build up a data base for academic & professional books of principalship, which is under processing. So far the department owns over 15 sets of statistical analysis softwares, conducive to qualitative quantitative researches , including PSS 14.0, AnswerTree 3.2, HLM 6.0, SPSS Clementine 10.0, EC11, nQUERY Advisor 4.0, Lisrel 8.7, EC11 and so. 


Featured library resources

    Through planned increase in teaching and researching books, the department have accumulated such featured library resources can be references for teaching and researching on quality and quantity. Most of them were published after 2000, including paper-books and e-books:

(key word search results of library catalog on May2,1996)

1. principalship, 28; principal, 168; head teacher, 10

2. leadership, 1141; educational leadership, 428

3. educational management, 569; marketing, 1066; brand management, 89

4. education law, 140

5. education policy, 517; educational policy, 219

6. educational finance, 54

7. educational building, 55

8. evaluation, 1340; educational evaluation, 283

    And other ten selected foreign journals in the field of educational policy and administration as core journals of the department, including Educational Administration Quarterly(EAQ)、journal of Education Policy、journal of Educational Administration, etc.